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Transmitter Properties
3-Stop play.
4-Change sounds.
5-Repeat function (loop).
6-Instant pre-set volume levels.
7-Choose and store favorite sounds (up to 10) in just 1 key. User
can create calling sequence in advance of hunting setups.
8-A/B function. Return to the previous sound instantly (shift + play).
9-The user can change any of their favorite sounds anytime.
10-The user can set the "go to sleep time" (0 to 30 minutes) of the
transmitter to prolong the life of the transmitter battery.
12-Easy to handle and store with the new internal antenna design.
13-The transmitter case is designed to be robust and comfortable to hold.
14-Excellent tactile feedback from the keys on the membrane pad.
15-Easy to operate with gloves due to the large membrane keypad.
16-Turn the transmitter on with just one keypad press.
17-Gold color LED displays the on-off state of the transmitter and the
battery condition of the 1 AA battery supply.
18-Eight transmitting channels which can be set or changed by the user
in just seconds using only the keypad.
19-The most powerful, robust, state of the art transmitter in this industry.

          Transmitter Range: 250 to 800 yards.
          Operating temperature: -45 to 135 degrees.
          Case material: ABS (UL 94 HB)
          Designed and engineered in the USA and Germany.

Battery life: Greater than 1 month.
Power supply: 1 AA NIMH rechargeable battery, 1 AA alkaline or 1 AA lithium battery

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